Zarte Blütenträume - Tender blossomdreams
shuttle and needle

"Blütchen", dangle shuttle tatted, earings needle tatted
Meine Blütenohrringe blühen schon, unser Apfelbaum noch nicht ;-))! Hier seht Ihr meine Variationen von Jane McLellan's Flower dangels and earing! Vielen Dank Jane für die Inspiration und Anleitung. Ich musste gleich experimentieren und hatte Spass dabei, wie man wohl sehen kann! Der Anhänger ist mit dem Schiffchen gearbeitet, 50er Baumwollgarn und 4mm Glassschliffperlen. 
Die Ohrringe sind alle mit der Nadel geknotet, mit Nadel #7 und 50er Garn, mit Nadel #9 und 50er Garn, mit Nadel #9 und 60er MEZ Garn. Zum Experimentieren für Schmuck finde ich Nadelocchi immer noch viel innovativer!! Meine Variationen mit der Nadel zu knoten, Zentrums-Perlen, Knospen und andere Blütenformen.
Jetzt stecke ich mir den schönsten ans Ohr und den Anhänger an meine....Tasche, für heute! 
Liebe Grüße Gunhild 

My flower earings blossom already, our apple tree not yet :-)!
Here are my variations of Jane McLellan's Flower dankgles and earings! Many thanks to Jane for the inspiration and pattern. I need to play with it in advance and had a lot of fun, how you can see!
The dangle is shuttle tatted, size 50 cotton thread and 4mm firepolished glassbeads.
The earings are all needle tatted, needle #7 and size 50 cottonthread, needle #9 and size 50 cottonthread, needle #9 and size 60 thread MEZ. To design jewelry with beads I still love to tat with the needle, it's so much more innovative!! My variations are to tat with the needle, center-beads, buds and different blossoms.
Now I will put the most beautiful one at/on (?) my ear and the dangle on my ....handbag, for today!
 Hugs Gunhild
...but the cherrytree blossoms since today

...aber die Süßkirsche blüht seit heute


  1. Wunderschön!
    Liebe Grüße Cornelia

  2. I love them! I can't wear earrings, but I can certainly hang dangles from all sorts of things. I love the colors you've used!

    1. Hihi, yes that's no problem, Diane, you have only two ears! I need many dangles, although I have already "some" beaded ones...

  3. They look fantastic, Gunhild! So glad to see someone using the pattern. And impressed that it can be used for needle tatting too! Your handbag (and your ears) will be well-decorated.

  4. Thank you very much for your nice comment, Jane! They won't be the last ones I made! Looking out for new colorcombinations! No problem to tat them with the needle, at least more creative for me ;))!

  5. Very fine earrings! Love the colors. Thanks for your comment by the way.

  6. So pretty dangle and earrings !!!
    Lovely colors like a cherry blossoms are perfect...
    I really like this. You bring to spring :)

  7. Welcome goudenregen, thank you for your visit ;-))
    Thank you soliel, I will try to take pictures of "our cherry blossoms" and post them on my blog, you will love them....


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