Interrupted chain #2 - techn discusion

Refering my post of yesterday and Janes suggestion to do a SLT before and after the ring, to bring the thread in right position for tatting the ring or the chain,  I tried several ways.
There are two possibilities to make a SLT or SLT1 (see picture):
A SLT (white over red) causes a white point, means you interrupt the red chain with a white dot. So done in trial 1,1,and 3. This was the best way, because the red chain seems to stick closer together, is  not that interrupted, seems to be the better "continued" chain.
A SLT 1 (red over white) avoids the white point, red is infront, but the second SLT causes a real interruption in the red chain, and it seems to be more "broken".I tried several times with magnifing glass to find out how to pull the thread, grrrrr, no good result. The white ring just breaks out of the chain, if you try to get it closer, it gets a zickzack line..
Then I combined with a join, which is nesseccary in the pattern:
In 4 I did the SLT1 (red over white), did the Lock join with the red thread to the red picot, tatted the ring and did another shoe lace trick to bring the red back up to continue the chain. The result is a hole, caused through the red thread.
In 2j I did a CWJ with red, then SLT 1, the ring and again shoe lace trick and chain.
In 3 I did a lock join with white to the picot and then SLT (white over red).
Hmm, #5 shoes the normal red ring on chain without problems ;(
Okay, and the red and the blue thread yesterday don't fit together, Thread Finca#16 and Anchor size 80.... 
Has anybody another helping comment for me? :))  Gunhild


  1. Thank you, Fox! I found it when I kicked 1300 fotos off my phne :))


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